House Rules

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House Rules

Post by Angels' Mom on May 5th 2010, 17:29


As you know, we all need a few rules to keep us in check. Although I believe that the ladies using this forum won't be any trouble, I would like to lay down some ground rules...

1. No vulgar language will be tolerated. Any comments that are rude, vulgar, defamatory or racist will be removed and the author shall be dealt with.

2. Please be courteous to our rainbow nation. Although you may chat in your own language, if a topic has been started in English, then please continue the thread in that language. Also, there are some of us, me in particular, who would love to know why the rest are having such fun on a thread, so please share when asked... pretty please...

3. Not so much a rule as it is a request: please can you keep the topics seperated according to how I have done... for instance, general talk about everyday happenings, family, baby, etc to be done in the "Chit Chat Lounge"; all saucy topics regarding sex, etc, to be kept in "The Bedroom"; and all topics related to food and nutrition like recipes and ideas, etc are to be done in "the Kitchen". I have referred to this forum as "our home" therefore all the categories are like those in our home... please try to stick to that...

These are all for now and as the forum progresses I may add more as I see fit. Please feel free to suggest or comment on anything.

Thanks Girls...

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Re: House Rules

Post by Mowama on May 12th 2010, 10:19

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